Sheer Swimsuit

The sheer swimsuit is perhaps one of the sexiest today. Also known as tan-through swimwear, it comes in various styles and colors of typical swimming outfits. The only major difference is that these suits become transparent when wet. This special feature makes it perfect for those who want to bare it all and those who want a golden tan without the unsightly tan lines.

At first glance, this swimwear could like an ordinary piece of bathing suit. But a closer inspection will reveal that the material, be it Lycra, Spandex, or mesh, is perforated by millions of tiny holes that allow the sun rays in to give you the perfect tan. It usually becomes totally transparent when wet and opaque when dry.

sheer swimsuit sheer bikini top

Pros and cons

Sheer bathing suits can come in similar types, designs, and patterns. You have your choice of one-piece, two piece, halter-tops, monokinis, bandeau-styled swimsuits and even micro bikinis. Another advantage of wearing this beach apparel is that it only turns sheer when wet, so you still get enough coverage when out of the water. And because this type of swimsuit is perforated with millions of tiny holes, it dries faster.

However, this design also has its own share of disadvantages. The most common of which is that sheer beachwear is typically more revealing than ordinary swimsuits, even when dry.  This makes them inappropriate to wear in family beaches and during family outings. You are also more prone to sunburns in this kind of swimming outfit, as it exposes most body surfaces than an ordinary swimsuit does.

Is this for you?

Despite the fact that this type of swimwear is among the sexiest in the market, it is perhaps more suited to women with the bodies who can take full advantage of its design. The truth is, this may not be the first choice for a majority of women, as the lack of coverage when wet can actually be uncomfortable for some. But if you regularly work out and have toned abs, arms, and shoulders, then you can definitely strut your stuff in a bikini or a monokini that becomes transparent when wet or even when dry.

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You could wear these designs when sunbathing and achieve a golden tan on almost all parts of your body. Just make sure that you are not prone to sunburns. Women with very fair complexions may find that they will get sun burned more easily in this kind of beachwear even if they use generous amounts of sunblock.

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