Exotic Swimsuit

The exotic swimsuit is bound to turn a lot of heads of both men and women on a beach or by the pool. Whether you are wearing a leopard print monokini or a zebra-striped bikini, as long as you are wearing an exotic print you are bound to get some attention. These designs are easily noticeable because they are daring and sexy, something that only a few women (or men) can pull off wearing.

Sheer Swimsuit

Swimwear for women

This swimwear design will look sexier if you are fit and toned. However, this does not mean that if you are on the curvier side, these are automatically off-limits. Nowadays, it is easier for large women to find many types of bathing suits that are designed especially for their sizes. There are now a lot of styles and beachwear collections available for plus-size and pregnant women.

Curvy women can still pull off a bikini with a leopard print as long as unsightly bulges remain less visible. They can also choose bikinis with small patterns and in dark colors for that slimming effect. Large women can do well to choose a swimwear with vertical stripes running down the length of the torso and stomach as this can create the illusion of more length. Exotic swimsuits are often more revealing than the traditional pieces of beach apparel, which makes shaving in all the important areas necessary. Most women who plan on wearing a sexy piece should have a Brazilian wax to make sure that they are all neat and clean down there. Shaving the legs and the arms is also important for that smooth and sexy look.

All the more important is sunblock. If you easily peel and burn instead of tan, use the highest grade of sunblock available, especially if you are wearing the skimpy bathing suits or sheer bikinis.

Beachwear for men

Although it is women who usually come to mind when you speak of exotic beach apparel, there are also some fashion lines for men. Sexy thongs and string bikinis are popular options for men who are confident and daring enough to bare all. Preparations for men are similar to women. Though men tend to have more hair than women, in most cases, they only need to shave or wax very hairy chests and backs to be more presentable in their almost naked appearance. Sunblock is also a must, especially when wearing skimpy or sheer pieces.